Beatles For Sale

Do you have an old box in the attic with any Beatles Stuff?

Maybe some old records stacked in the basement? Any dolls, posters bottles cups, rings, pictures, games, clothing, buttons, 45’s, autographs, puzzles, books, . . . ANYTHING?

If it has to do with the Beatles, and you’re willing to part and sell, we would certainly be interested. We have been paying fair market value for Beatles memorabilia for over 30 years:

By that, we mean we’re above board. Some people think the item they have is worth a fortune …and it’s not … while others have no idea that some record they purchased for $1.99 at Woolworth’s 40 years ago is now worth $10,000.00. Either way, we’ll give you the real deal and 9 out of 10 people are very surprised and pleased when we make an offer.
Email us or give us a call at 801-392-4447.